h2ocolor_sidebutterflySomeone you love has died and you are hurting. You are grieving and I’m glad you’re here visiting Loving Farewells. Grief is the natural reaction to the loss of something or someone you love. It is a process that is painful, can be confusing and is often exhausting.

The death of your loved one may have happened months or even years ago. Or it may have happened within the past few days or weeks. To survive your sorrow it’s important that you experience your feelings of grief and not push them aside.


Because you are here right now, you are ready. Your feelings have probably been painfully overwhelming, so you know this won’t be easy. Surrendering to the process of grief and your feelings moves you ahead through sadness and tears until you eventually reach understanding, acceptance, and hope for your future. In the cycle of life and death, grief is the connector between death and the return to life.

Grieving is hard work but, I know you can do it.

If your loved one died because of a terminal illness or you withdrew life support, you have been in your grief process already. You have been grieving in anticipation of your loved one’s death. However, you may have been so busy caring for your loved one that you weren’t aware of your grief other than perhaps a deep sadness hiding in your heart. You may have thought you were prepared for their death, and then discovered you weren’t.

If your loved one died suddenly and unexpectedly in an accident or because of a miscarriage or stillbirth, from suicide or during a natural disaster or was murdered during a crime or terrorist attack, you began your grief process when you received the shocking sad news.

Your loved one may have died in war. You were most likely aware of the possibility of their death and may have prayed daily for their safety. Your days were probably filled with both anxiety and hope. On the day you received the tragic news of your loved one’s death, your grief became real.


You may be feeling very alone right now, just you and the pain. I assure you that you don’t have to journey through your grief alone. Loving Farewells is here to support you in your grief.

I encourage you to take a deep breath and embrace your feelings of grief. Trying to ignore your feelings of grief or push them deep within won’t serve you well.

I’m here to believe with you that you can survive this sad and painful time and live a future life better than you have ever dreamed of for yourself.

I send you Love and Acceptance & best wishes for Peace in your heart and Freedom from pain.


Tricia Sample

3butterfliesonWhiteSpread your wings today and feel the healing warmth of the sun.