Sorrowful thoughts

Sometimes we hear or read a message in our bereavement and immediately understand as the message ‘clicks’ within us. At other times we hear or read the same message and it goes in one ear and out the other. There are two major reasons we are, at times, able to grasp a message during grief […]

Anxiety relief in bereavement

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious while grieving is natural and happens to many. It is an uncomfortable experience that can escalate and frighten. It can incapacitate you, cause you to lose confidence, and prevent you from functioning easily. BREATHING Symptoms of feeling anxious may include taking shallow breaths and breathing too fast. You may not be […]

A widow’s strength

A lovely woman, Mary, whose husband had passed away four months earlier, told me what she needed most was the strength to stop breaking down and crying in public. She said that something would trigger her grief and, no matter where she was, she would dissolve into tears. Even the most truly confident and self […]