There is encouraging information in my Guide To Grief Recovery: How To Survive and Thrive about the power of the human instinct to survive dangers and difficulties in life.

To be a survivor in grief you must tap into your inner resources.




Your own creativity is one of the resources you can rely on to help in your grief process. When you experience creativity you touch, within, a place located between your heart and your soul. This is a sacred site where you can rest, rejuvenate and continue healing. Creativity and grief recovery have a strong relationship.


Every person, including you, is a creative being. Creativity is part of being human and is about:

• Beauty
• Imagination
• Intellectual Inventiveness
• Spontaneity
• Relaxation

Engaging your creativity will automatically and easily stimulate you in a positive way. While experiencing your creativity you will pick up some extra energy.







In your experience of grief so far you may not have been able to notice the beauty around you, like the sun sparkling in a puddle of rain or the sparkle in the eyes of someone you meet.

Your imagination might be limited, right now, to trying to picture life without your loved one. Your mind and thinking process might still be fuzzy and you may not have the extra energy to be spontaneous.

True relaxation might be eluding you. When you are worried, afraid, or angry it can be hard to relax since these states usually produce tension in your body. Yet, peacefully relaxing while feeling the beauty around you might feel very good right now (even if only for a few moments) and positively affect your grief work.

Being creative is not limited to those who are labeled artists, musicians, or poets. We all have many opportunities daily to experience our creativity. Engaging your creative self is natural and can happen simply and easily. I will suggest a few ways for you, or you may have ideas of your own. I encourage you not to be intimidated. Be courageous and try something new.

These two activities will include your creative self:



* If you need to send some snail mail, perhaps thank you notes for flowers or donations to charities in honor of your loved one, you will also need stamps. When you go to the post office to purchase the stamps, ask to see all the available choices. Spend a moment (don’t worry about people in line behind you) really seeing the different choices. Tune into and enjoy viewing the various designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. Get the ones you feel and think have the most beauty.


greenleaf_closeup* When you are outside in nature look closely at the leaves on trees and bushes. Notice the different colors. See the different shades of green, red, orange, yellow and etc. Pay attention to the different textures and shapes/sizes. How does the sunlight affect the colors? Is the shadow of the leaf the same shape as the leaf itself? Allow yourself to enjoy the natural beauty you are experiencing, bring a leaf or two home with you.

These are simple creative activities that won’t require much of your time or energy and can be helpful. Your creativity is a path to the states of mind that are supportive and healing in grief.

I send you Love and Acceptance & best wishes for Peace in your heart and Freedom from pain.