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Many books are available on grief, mourning and bereavement. The information therein can be helpful to those on their journey through grief. However, it has been my experience that most people grieving have a difficult time reading, concentrating and/or absorbing the written word in general. Attempting to read, concentrate and/or absorb written grief support can be totally overwhelming. With that realization, a seed was planted and I knew I wanted to create a spoken form of grief support.

Years later, my True Pearls of Grieving Wisdom CD was born. It is for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one whatever the cause of death. It provides comfort through spoken words and music. Important information about grief and encouragement for your journey of grief are provided too.

Feel Better Sooner

It is natural during grief to feel overwhelmed with sadness and pain. It is also natural to want relief from sadness and pain Now!  Therefore you may begin to stuff your feelings of grief back where they come from, down into the core of your being. Eventually, you feel like you have survived your grief and are OK. Yet you continue to carry a heavy burden and a heavy heart full of grief, although you may not realize it.

Eventually you realize you must embrace your feelings of grief and fully experience them in a process that may take many months or years and healing has begun. Your ultimate reward for walking this painful path is that you will find peace in your heart and freedom in your spirit.

The True Pearls of Grieving Wisdom will help you experience painful feelings so you can complete your grief work. Listening to the CD will guide you to a place of acceptance of what is and to interest in living again.

Honor Your Loved One With Your Life

Your loved one will always be alive in your heart and in the stories you tell about them. The wisdom of the True Pearls encourages you to honor your loved one with your well-lived life.

I am grateful for this opportunity to assist as you travel through your unique process of grief. I send you Love and Acceptance & best wishes for Peace in your heart and Freedom from pain.



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